Fees Structure

 International School Fees at Ascot

We believe that an Ascot education is excellent value for money. We provide an exceptional education in fantastic facilities at a cost that is incomparable for value compared to other Bangkok international school fees.

In order to provide the best education and provisions for our students, our fee structure differs per year. There are different payments for Early Years education, by Key Stage and for IGCSE and IB. The fees are outlined below for both per term, and annually.

We are able to provide lunch and snacks for students, and the fees for this are listed below also. The catering team at Ascot International School always provide healthy, tasty meals that are excellent value for money.

Transportation is available, and there is the choice of round trip, or for one-way. The ‘one-way’ option is specially designed for students who may have family members able to drop them off or pick them up, but not both. If a student needs to be both picked up and dropped off, then the round trip option is available. This information along with the bus schedules are available here.

Many parents believe that sending their child to a good international school in Bangkok would be financially beyond them. However, Ascot International School is both affordable and a great education, especially when compared to other Bangkok prep school fees.

Paying a lump sum in advance is the cheaper option but if it is more financially convenient, we do accept payment per term as well. For Bangkok international school fees, we are in the top few that offers a great education at an affordable rate.

For the academic year 2017-2018 our fees are as follows:

To enroll a new student at Ascot International School, the cost is 95,000 Baht. If you wish to enroll more than one student, the fee for any further student drops to only 75,000 Baht.

The enrollment assessment fee is a cost of 3,000 Baht per student, which excludes early years admissions. 

For students in Nursery year, the annual fee is 276,000 Baht, or per term it costs 92,000 Baht. For Kindergarten or Reception classes, the annual fee is 319,800 Baht, or 106,600 per term.

The fee for students studying at Key Stage 1, in Year 1 and 2, the annual fees are 362,100 Baht, or for a term the cost is 120,700 Baht.

At Key Stage 2, in Year 3 to Year 6, the annual fee is 408,900 Baht, or per term 136,300.

For Key Stage 3, Year 7 to Year 9, the annual cost is 440,100 and the per term fee 146,700.

arrived here with little or no English speaking language but all went on to become fluent English speakers before they graduated.

We believe in family values, and any student who enrolls here becomes part of the Ascot International School family and remains a part of the family long after graduating. The parents and family members of students are equally important to us, and it’s our priority to ensure they also enjoy a positive experience and feel included and involved with the school as well as their relative studying here. We hold a number of events throughout the year that families are more than welcome to attend, including Christmas Concerts, Sports Days, and Charity Fairs such as Ascot Family Fun Day. Other annual celebrations include a Chinese New Year event, with performances from students, and International Day –a special day celebrating cultures from around the world.

Although it is of upmost importance that students have the best experience and education possible whilst at Ascot International School, we also understand the importance of their future. We aim to help our students mature into positively contributing members of their future communities, and to become leaders in society.

We are very proud of our past students, and amongst our alumni are students who have gone on to study law, computer science, international business management and chemical engineering. Our alumni’s’ education here at Ascot International School has enabled them be admitted to some of the top universities both here in Thailand and internationally.