Name: Manop Tiwari (Manop)
University: Stamford University (Thailand)
Course: International business Management – IBM
Years at Ascot: (4 years)

Ascot’s culture and environment allow students not only to build a good relationship with each other but also with teachers. Ascot is more like a big family, where every single person has the freedom to show his/her full potential and is given equal respect and by building good relationships with teachers it allows students to perform much better in the classroom, because students will not be shy to express their ideas and will interact with others in the classroom. I can say that I have become a much better person since I joined Ascot. During my four years at Ascot I learned so much. An education was not the only thing I acquired from this marvelous place, it has also developed me into a much more responsible person and allowed me the opportunity to make lifelong friends. None of this would have been possible without the help of my teachers and Ascot’s unique culture. Teachers here are all very good (skill-wise) and very friendly, and they are always there for support and advice for both educational and personal matters. They treat students like family and encourage them to show their true potential.

Name: Pavis Phromsorn (Tan)
University: Mahidol University International College (Thailand)
Course: Business Economics major
Years at Ascot: (6 years)
With the high level of academics provided at Ascot, which includes Mathematics and English, I was able to pass the entrance exam and interview for my University with flying colours. Furthermore, Ascot gave me not only academic knowledge, but most important of all friendship, and the social skills needed to have a successful career.

Name: Rawiphat Charoenwiwatchai (Knot)
University: Thammasat University (Thailand)
Course: Business English Communication (BEC)
Years at Ascot: (4 years)
Ascot was good for me because the school helped me to improve my English and my knowledge in education. Ascot and the Ascot Football Academy (AFA) also gave me the opportunity to practice my football skills at a high level by training and competing with other schools and academies. Now I am a member of my university football team. Ascot has a very good curriculum and the teachers are friendly and always give advice when students need help. The school provides a good environment which makes students want to come to study everyday.

Name: Melissa Joy Daniel (Melissa)
University: Vatel International Business School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Thailand)
Course: BBA Hotel Management
Years at Ascot: (9 years)
Ascot provides the perfect foundation any student would ever need to get into university. The school has shaped me into the person I am today and it always made me feel at home. We truly are a family at Ascot. I had amazing teachers that always supported me and guided me throughout my studies which played a great part in helping me get into my dream university.

Name: Prin Chiwchayapak (Nut)
University: Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School (Thailand)
Course: Superior Patisserie
Years at Ascot: (5 years)
Ascot is a small school, the advantage of that is everyone can have a chance to get to know each other closely, it’s like a small family where students and teachers can understands each other like friends. Ascot was very important in my education in every ways. Got a bunch of good activities such as football with the football academy (hard training), football tournaments,
international day, charity day, sports day, swimming gala day, etc…

Name: Shir Ratanasuwan (Shir)
University: Bangkok University (Thailand)
Course: Business English
Years at Ascot: (2 years)
Ascot is very good school, I went to Ascot with very bad english and I left with especially good english. Ascot helped to improve my English Language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. Ascot was so important and helped me to achieved my goal, the University goal. At Ascot the sport is very good: Football and Basketball especially and this made myself much better in terms of getting fit and in shape, now I really enjoy sports and am still practicing in my free time.

Name: Thitiphan Rujiraarporn (Yunn)
University: Rangsit University (Thailand)
Course: Commercial Pilots
Years at Ascot: (9 years)
Ascot is a very good school. At Ascot all teachers, staff and students are friends, we respect each other and we all look like a big family. I learned lots of new things in class and also outside the class. Ascot helped me to get into the university by giving me guide on what to study and how to study. I really had a great time during my 9 years at Ascot.

Name: Takashi Hyakutake (Takashi)
University: University of Sydney (Australia)
Course: Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
Years at Ascot: (7 years)
The teachers, students, coaches, staffs and everyone is like my family and helped me in every way. For me, Ascot taught me not just getting good grades and doing well in the exam is an aim of life. Ascot made me confident on everything I do and reach my full potential. I am achieving my goals in life and this is all on Ascot. I really appreciate it and I’m sure I will come back after I am successful so that I can donate some money to make the football field even better. So the talented football players will have an amazing place to train and play.

Name: Nobuhiro Fujita (Nobu)
University: Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)
Course: Law
Years at Ascot: (4 years)
When I came to Ascot I was not able to speak English at all. But the students and teachers are very friendly and supported me, so I improved my English skills in the English lessons and also by talking with my friends there. Now I am in the university in Japan, I can speak Japanese as I am Japanese, English and also Thai. I also enjoyed my time at Ascot International school, specially with the AFA ( Ascot Football Academy). That’s why Ascot was good for me.

Name: Chanyanuch Lertjaruwong (Angie)
University: Thammasat University (Thailand)
Course: Chemical Engineering
Years at Ascot: (13 years)
Ascot was a very good school for me. At Ascot I learned many things and got a lot of experience. Ascot’s teachers are extremely professional and they gave me many good advices and support me in everything. The curriculum is really good.

Name: Kenta Ito (Kenta)
University: Srinakharinwirot University (Thailand)
Course: Tourism Management
Years at Ascot: (3 years)
Ascot helped me a lot. I came to Ascot without speak English and I left Ascot after 3 years with very good English. I can write, speak and understand everything. Furthermore, I made good friends that will be friends forever and also very good memories through playing and training football.

Name: Siraorawan Premruethai (Prim)
University: Assumption University (Thailand)
Course: Communication Arts
Years at Ascot: (5 years)
At Ascot, teachers are kind, they helped me to solve any kind of problem. I made many friends at Ascot. The social life at Ascot is also very good, many activities, specially in terms of sports. Ascot also helped me to improve my English and my communication skills.

Name: Hanna Haahtikivi (Hanna)
University: Kasetsart University (Thailand)
Course: Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Economics (EEBA)
Years at Ascot: (2 years)
Ascot has helped and benefited me from a young age, allowing me to gain strength in various ways; whether physically, socially or mentally. It has allowed me to achieve goals in being a leader, team working, developing experience and knowledge, and the ability to take charge of events and raising donations in benefitting society. I miss Ascot.

Name: William Haahtikivi (William)
University: Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Course: International Business
Years at Ascot: (10 years)
Ascot was a wonderful place for me because firstly, the number of students was very reasonable, it was not too big not too small.The size of the school itself was fantastic because socialising with other year groups was pretty normal as we have this “Ascot spirit” it meant that each and every one of us was a part of the community, the love and respect from every student was visible during breaks. The studying was immense but in many ways it was flawless, the teachers that taught me were kind, caring and they knew exactly the teaching styles per subject. The footballing in Ascot says it for itself, winning trophy year after year, and growing up at Ascot attending AFA since i was 12 was probably the best way to socialise with people from outside our Ascot community. In general Ascot was more like my 2nd home, i saw the teachers and students almost everyday for 10 years and that made me feel comfortable coming into school everyday. Academically, it allowed me to understand and learn the different styles and methods of teaching, alongside the various context’ and multiple subjects that was offered to me – subjects that i particularly enjoy were Business studies, History, ICT, PE and English. By understanding the ways to answer an essay based exam and the different ways the marker from cambridge looked through papers got me to where i am today, which is here in Helsinki, Finland.

Name: Kensuke Yoshitake (Kensuke)
University: Thonburi University (Thailand)
Course: International Business
Years at Ascot: (3 years)
Ascot was very nice school for me because teachers, football coach and friends were very kind so I could get familiar with the school quite easily. Ascot helped me about improving my English skills, so I could study easier in university with young age. Ascot’s football also helped me a lot to get many experience from the leagues, tournaments and the hard training . It helps me to get confidence to play with professional players and to do all the tryouts for the football scholarship programme . Now I am a football scholarship student at Thonburi University.

Name: Pimtawan Methasurarak (Pim)
University: Thammasat University (Thailand)
Course: Economics
Years at Ascot: (6 years)
Deciding to study at Ascot was one of the best choice I’ve made because during my time there, I gained a lot of knowledge as well as experiences. All the teachers gave me great advice on getting into college and also many other things. Ascot had guided me towards my goals by providing me with opportunities to join in competitions and had also provided me with an amazing start to my career path.

Name: Tanwa Sirisakdiwan (Time)
University: Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Years at Ascot: (4 years)
Ascot has laid a very important knowledge foundation for me, allowing me to explore and gain new knowledge. This knowledge foundation gives me the advantage of studying at a higher pace and with better understanding. In higher education it is this foundation that determines whether you will be able to understand what you are taught and succeed. Ascot also made me into a person which also seek to become great in both academic and extracurricular activity.

Name: Vichai Konangi (Vichai)
University: Macquarie
University (Australia) Course: Mechatronics Engineering
Years at Ascot: (9 years)
Ascot was good for me because it was a safe loving society where we meet great teachers and friends. Only regret was that i should have paid more attention in my Chinese classes and played more football. I miss Ascot, I miss the Ascot family. When I come back to Thailand I will come to visit Ascot and play some football in the Ascot Football Academy.

Name: Pantira Ho (Nina)
University: Accademia Italiana Thailand (Thailand)
Course: Fashion Design
Years at Ascot: (2 years)
Ascot is not really a big school but I like it because all of the students can get to know each other. Another important thing I got from Ascot is my improvement in English while i was studying in Ascot. Students must speak in English, which helps a lot. All the events and activities helped me in terms of great experiences and always with a learning point.

Name: Natthakrita Sae-tung (Pang)
University: Kasetsard University (Thailand)
Course: Economics Entrepreneurial Bachelor Administration
Years at Ascot: (8 years)
Ascot helped me and taught me how to live with others and working with others. Participating in many school activities (sport days,international days, swimming gala, football matches, house days) helped me to know how to organize and run events, I used to organize and help in the school events. All these activities helped me in order to make new friends and to interact with teachers, students and staff, this helped me lot to fit well in the university.

Name: Vasiphong Vongvuttipornchai (Kearn)
University: University of Westminster (England)
Course: International business
Years at Ascot: (9 years)
Ascot has very good teachers, they support students all time especially during exams. Very helpful when writing personal statement and university admission. Ascot has a good learning environment. Good sport facilities and good football program.

Name: Tanaporn Tanchanapradit (Pear)
University: ILSC Institution (Canada)
Course: English course
Years at Ascot: (5 years)
I’d been studying at Ascot for 5 years. Those years were the best time of my life, because Ascot had given me a lot of knowledge academically, which prepared me for university once I left Ascot. Furthermore,it was where I met my amazing friends and teachers,from both inside and outside the class. More importantly, being a part of school’s teams was such an incredible experience as it allowed me not only to enjoy playing sports but also made friends from other international schools. I can fully say that it was one of the most remarkable opportunity I have had in my life.

Name: Praewalin Wanithanont (Nune)
University: Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Course: Bachelor of Arts in Language and Culture – International Program
Years at Ascot: (6 years)
Ascot did not only provide me a strong educational base, but also encouraged me to take part in all other kinds of activities that will be important for a person’s life. Ascot was like a home and a supporter.

Name: Plythai Plypoolsup (Kan)
University: Bangkok University (Thailand)
Course: Hotel & Restaurant Management
Years at Ascot: (5 years)
Ascot gave me so many things not just knowledge, Ascot gave me a good friendship, good memories with teachers and friends.The subject that I am studying right now in the university could be hard if my English is not good enough. Before I went to Ascot my english was really bad but after Ascot my English is good enough to learn in an International programme, so I can get into the university with a good grade and also as a football scholarship student because of the Ascot Football Academy helped me to improve as football player.