Ascot currently has 5 bus routes serving the following areas:

No.1 Thonglor
Driver Mr.Sarayudh / Bus monitor Ms.Suda
No.2 Ramintra
Driver Mr.Tana / Bus monitor Ms.Mali
No.3 Sukhumvit
Driver Mr.Seksan / Bus monitor Ms.Veerin
No.4 Ramkhamhaeng
Driver Mr.Veerasak / Bus monitor Ms.Oracha
No.5 Kingkeaw
Driver Mr.Marud / Bus Monitor Ms.Sumalee
No.7 Rama 2
Driver Mr.Virat / Bus Monitor Ms.Maem


Morning : All the buses will arrive at school not later than 07:30 am. In the event of delay, the bus monitor will inform the school office who will pass the message to the academic staff.

Afternoon : 3 Departure times 3:00 ,4:00 and 5:45 pm.

3 pm. All the buses will leave school not later than 3.10 pm. for this drop off time.

4 pm.-ECA student- All the buses will leave school not later than 4:10 pm. for this drop off time.

5:45 pm.– For AFA participants only , on Mon & Wed – EY & PY / Tue & Thu – SY

Driver Training
All drivers are trained , qualified and meet formally each month to discuss any matters arising

Bus Monitor Training
All the bus monitors have trained about their duties on the school bus and regularly meet .

School bus service check for safety
School buses are not older than 5 years old and receive regular maintenance and safety checks at an authorised Toyota service garage. All buses have seatbelts for every passenger.