Apply to Ascot

Apply to Ascot

How to Apply

Admissions are open to all students who would benefit from the education offered at Ascot International School through the medium of English and those whose parents believe and support the philosophy of the school. Ascot admits students whose needs can be met by the school’s programmes and services. All students accepted to Ascot are expected to function in the regular classroom. Children with mild to moderate learning disabilities or physical, mental and emotional/social difficulties are accepted if adequate provision can be offered, enabling the child to function within the regular program.

All children in Upper Primary and Secondary are required to take Maths and English assessments to determine whether they can be admitted. Admission may be dependent on the child receiving EAL support, which is provided free of charge..

It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school of any serious condition. Failure to do so could result in reviewing the child’s position at school. Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. All applications to the school must be accompanied by previous educational records, any significant medical conditions, proof of age and copies of the most recent educational/psychological assessment and the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) from the applicant’s current school if appropriate.

Ascot International School


Acceptance by the Headteacher, Head of Primary Years and Secondary Years, and Special Educational Needs Coordinator, is tentative and the school may reassess the child’s placement after the child’s abilities have been thoroughly observed in class or through additional testing. Children entering Ascot will be placed according to their age as of 31st August of the year they enter. A spreadsheet showing birthdate and the relevant placement is used to advise parents during the admissions process.

A child will be placed in the relevant year class (dependent on their chronological age), in exceptional cases, a child may be accepted into a class one year below their chronological age. In this situation, previous school records and internal assessment will determine the placement, on approval by the Head of School.

Admissions Procedure

Our expert Admissions team is ready to guide you through a tour of our campus grounds, as well as provide you with an in-depth explanation about our academic curriculum. The admissions team will also facilitate the Admissions Procedure, ensuring that necessary documents are obtained prior to admission. You can contact our Admissions team at 02-373-4400 (Monday to Friday from 8AM to 3PM) or use our contact form here.

Once you have visited Ascot, you are able to submit an application. To do this, please fill out the Application Form and submit all required documents together with the non-refundable Application Fee. This can be given to our Admissions Team on the day of the Assessment. 

The following documents will need to be provided to the Admissions team:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate or ID or passport
  • A copy of the parents’ passports and visas
  • A copy of the parents’ ID cards (Thai citizens only)
  • A copy of your house registration (Thai citizens only)
  • Photocopy of previous school report
  • Ascot Enrolment Form
  • Documents Checklists Form

Remarks: Students with special needs may apply for enrollment but parents of these students should be aware that Ascot does not have an extensive special needs department.

  • Admission for special needs students will be limited to those whose needs can be met at Ascot
  • All special needs students will be required to furnish previous IEPs (Individualised Educational Plans), formal medical evaluations and all previous records to be reviewed by the admissions team.

An assessment and interview will be arranged after receiving the Application Form, together with the Application Fee. 

For children entering Nursery to Year 2, parents will be interviewed by the Head of Primary School, and children brought in for an in-person assessment. This will be reviewed by our Head of Primary and a recommendation made for admission.

For children entering Year 3 to Year 6, an interview with the Head of Primary will be conducted as well as an assessment of English, Writing and Maths.

For children entering Year 7 to Year 13, an assessment of English, Writing and Maths will be accompanied by an interview by the Head of Secondary Years.

Assessments will also determine if students need to be placed in EAL Support, and if so, which level of support would be required.

The Admissions and Academic Team will review the assessment and application. Parents will be notified of their child(ren)’s assessment results via email within 3-4 working days after the assessment date. 

An Offer of Place will be sent via email to confirm acceptance to Ascot. A detailed invoice will accompany the Offer of Place and by accepting this offer, you will also be required to pay an Enrolment Fee within the cut-off date.

Upon completion of application, parents should make the full tuition payment of the school fees to the Finance office. An invoice for the tuition and other fees will be provided by the Finance department. School uniforms, bags and other items can be purchased on the same date at school.

Role of Parents

Ascot International School expects parents to:

  • Support the philosophy of the school and take an active role in School life
  • Support school events such as day trips, residentials and special days in the school calendar such as International day and sports day etc.
  • Be willing to work with the child at home in their native tongue (i.e. encourage reading, help with homework, etc.)
  • Pay fees promptly, upon receipt of invoice, as outlined under Payment Procedures

There are no additional fees for children with special educational needs. However, if the child requires one-to-one paraprofessional support, the cost of this will be met by the parents.