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Ascot Interview: Primary Student Council

We sat down today with the Primary Years Student Council to get to know a little bit more about their roles and responsibilities as well as their experiences as student councils so far.

(I like) having the opportunity to have a student voice in making the school an even better place.

Sugus (6RF)

This year’s student council includes a total of 16 students from Year 1 to 6. Our Head Students this year are: Oh (6JS), Wayu (6RF), Sugus (6RF), and Elle (6JS).

First, let’s hear from our Head Students. (Unfortunately, Elle was absent at the time of the interview)

Q: How did you feel when you were selected as Head Students?

Oh: I was extremely nervous at first because we were called into Ms. Laura’s room before it was announced. We were also interviewed and then chosen by Ms. Laura and Mr. Huns. When we did the first assembly, I was pretty nervous but excited to announce who the head students and student council were.

Wayu: I was a little afraid at first, but then I felt really happy when I found out that I was a head student. I also feel very grateful to be a Head Student.

Sugus: I was really excited because at first, there were only supposed to be two Head Students, so I was very surprised when we ended up with four!

Q: What’s the best part about being Head Students so far?

Oh: Getting to hear people’s ideas and opinions and acting on them.

Wayu: The very first day of being Head Student was very exciting, especially when we gave our speeches at the first assembly and everybody sat and listened.

Sugus: Having the opportunity to have a student voice in making the school an even better place.

Q: What kinds of changes do you want to make as Head Students?

Oh: What I really want is for the whole school (SY, EY, and PY) to get together and know each other more. My plan for this is to get us together through activities, working together, and having us all get used to being with each other.

Wayu: I want to add to what Oh said. I also agree with this and I want us to work closer with the Secondary Year students, maybe through something like having a science experiment together. 

Ascot International School
Academic Year 2022/23 PY Head Students: Wayu, Oh, Elle, Sugus.

Lets hear from the rest of the Student Council

Q: How did you feel when you found out you were part of the student council?

Gunn (6RF): I was a little confused because at first I signed up for fun, not expecting my friends to actually choose me, but I’m happy they did!

Sejh (5JK): I actually felt like I was going to faint! I was very proud of myself.

Felix (3LK): I was very nervous!

Sunlee (6JS): I also felt very confused because I didn’t think my friends would vote for me.

Wendy (5JW): Me too, I didn’t know I was going to be voted so I was very surprised.

Paras (2GM): I was very happy!

Nashin (2DB): Happy and nervous.

Q: What’s the best part about being part of the student council so far?

Felix (3LK): Seeing my friends!

Gunn (6RF): I like that we get to have a say in how things are going. For example, I wanted to add some games and we can agree on a vote whether we will have it or not.

Wendy (5JW): Being able to create more activities for the school.

Sejh (5JK): Making clubs! It is fun to suggest ideas like art club, book club, etc.

Sunlee (6JS): I like giving ideas and voting on them.

Riley (3AB): I like voting!

Q: Final question, if you had one magic wish, what would that wish be for Ascot?

Riley (3AB): Gaming Club!!!

Wendy (5JW): I wish the library is open more often, like during lunch and break time so that people who want to come read doing those times can do so.

Sunlee (6JS): My wish is to expand the AFA sports and have even more competitions with other schools.

Paras (2GM): Music. I wish for more music during lunch times.

Sejh (5JK): School pets!!!!

Ascot International School

Primary Student Council (from left to right)

Top row: Sejh (5JK), Gunn (6RF), Wayu (6RF), Oh (6JS), Elle (6JS), Sugus (6RF), and Sunlee (6JS) l Botton row: Felix (3LK), Riley (3AB), Posh (1SR), Nashin (2DB), Naya (4AH), Paras (2GM), and Poppy (4JH). Missing from the photo are: Wendy (5JW) and Zoe (1NN).

Wow! What a great and ambitious group of leaders! PY Student Council is currently in the process of putting forward motions of making their dreams and wishes come true. With the support from Mr. Huns, Ms. Rennard and Mrs. Ciempka, the Primary School is in great hands!