Ascot Online Learning for Quarantined Students

News Article

Ascot International School has been meeting the needs of our quarantined students over the past 2 weeks through this challenging time. Teachers across the school are using our online learning environments to allow students to participate in class via video chat, provide them with missed work, give feedback, support and instruction where needed and provide students with opportunities to display their completed work. In many ways Ascot is leading the way among top international schools in Bangkok when it comes to addressing the sudden, complicated planning that the COVID-19 virus has made necessary to ensure all students remain uninterrupted in their daily learning process.

Our Primary students have been supported in their distance learning by an array of online platforms such as Seesaw, Mathletics, Raz Kids and Abacus. In Secondary our learners have experienced many classes in real-time video through the use of Skype while working together on Google Classroom, sharing live documents and chatting through Google Hangouts. These resources have been very effective for quarantined students to see what is going on in their classes each day and to stay in contact with their friends and classmates, allowing them to maintain their social lives as well.