Ascot’s Nurse Gets Creative in Helping the District Health Center

News Article

The campus may be closed for non-essential staff but Ascot is as busy as ever. From the teachers and students who are following their daily (remote) learning schedule to the school administrators who keep everything operational behind the scenes, the Ascot community is metaphorically standing together hand in hand while remaining socially distant.

A brilliant example of this was made evident today when Ascot’s Nurse “Por” visited the Saphan Sung District Health Centre. Although the Nurses Office at school is quiet at the moment, with no bumps and scrapes to attend to, Nurse Por has found ways to stay active and help out our local community. This morning she donated dozens of face guards to medical officers at the health centre which can be used as additional protection against the spread of COVID-19 virus. The face guards were made by Nurse Por herself and well received by the centre officials and staff.

We would like to commend Nurse Por for her creativity and selflessness. Ascot encourages everyone to remain vigilant but also be mindful of ways you can help others make it through these challenging times.