Ascot International School

End of Academic Year 2019/20: A Message From Our Headmaster

Dear Ascot Family, This week has been the most unusual end to a school year in all my time as a student, teacher and headmaster. I suppose that it is a fitting end to an unusual year. Graduation and celebration ceremonies were done online for the first time ever, not just at Ascot but around the world. We started the year in  August 2019, preparing for the CIS visit, oblivious, as everyone was to the COVID crisis just a few months away. We all breathed sighs of relief when we had finished our CIS accreditation visit and received a very positive report. The end of term 1 ended on a high note with a successful sports day and excellent productions. Term 2 started and very soon we were in the middle of our residential weeks. When we returned after half term, things started to happen, the corona virus was in the news and spreading and before long we were in lockdown, with teaching and learning online. With very little notice , everything was turned upside down and inevitably  some adjustments needed to the distance learning programme we had in place, but before long everyone had  settled into a new routine. The support of the parent body, the dedication of the teachers and the enthusiasm of the students was heartwarming. Each year I reflect on what a fantastic community we have here at Ascot ; this year confirmed that the relationships are stronger than ever. Throughout the last few months, it has been these  relationships that have pulled us through the difficult times, having friends and family to help us is the most important thing we can have. We soon realised that we can survive and do quite well even if the malls, restaurants and cinemas are closed. People spent more time with their  families , enjoying gardens and parks, exercising more and enjoying the small things in life. We all had plans for this year but we needed to change them at short notice, we needed to learn whole new ways of teaching and learning and we were successful. This makes me optimistic for the future. Ascot will continue to grow and improve next year and the next, the recent events have shown just how much determination and grit we have. I hope you all manage to have a safe and restful summer, enjoy the treasures that Thailand’s beaches, mountains and countryside have to offer. I look forward to seeing you all in August when we continue our growth. Sincerely, Gary BoothHeadmaster