01 Nov 2016

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Hello All,

It’s been a great first week back and we have been having a fun time with many spooky activities.

Here are some photos of what we have been up too:

p1030829     p1030856

p1030859     p1030870

p1030889     img_3873

img_3872     img_3871

img_3870     img_3869

img_3868     img_3867

p1030891     img_3874

img_3875     img_3877

img_3878     img_3879

img_3892     img_3893

img_3901     img_3930

img_3927     img_3925

img_3923     img_3922

img_3920     img_3918

img_3903     img_3932

img_3964     img_3965

img_3966     img_3967

img_3968     img_3969

img_3970     img_3988

img_3986     img_3985

img_3984     img_3983

img_3982     img_3972


Bye Bye

Miss Maxine

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