The School Day:
• Morning Assembly and Flag Ceremony
• Dropping off and picking your child
• School buses
• Health and Safety
• Student absences
• Ascot School Uniform
• Lunch and snacks

Morning Assembly and Flag Ceremony

Morning Assemblies are a time for the Ascot community to come together and celebrate the school, its students and staff. Important messages are passed on to inform the community of up coming events, notices and information necessary for students, parents and staff.

The Thai National Anthem is sung to pay respect to Thailand, its people and the Royal family. All those present during this time are asked to stand in silence and refrain from conversation during this important time. Morning Assemblies are an excellent display of the high standard that Ascot encourages from its students and staff. Parents and visitors are welcome to stay for the Morning Assembly. We kindly ask that parents follow the expectations of students and listen carefully to notices and refrain from having conversations which may distract both students and staff during this important part of the day.

Dropping off and picking your child

The school day begins at 7:30 a.m. with the flag ceremony beginning at 7:40 am. Students will be supervised from 7:15 am. When dropping off your child, please do so in the designated drop off zones. If you do want to accompany your child in school please park in the carpark and walk into the school , crossing in the correct areas in order to avoid possible accidents.

In Lower Primary
Children can be dropped off from 7.30 in EY. Nursery children can go to their classroom. KG children will be supervised in the Soft Play Room and REC in the playground. EY children should be escorted to the building and handed over to staff, rather than dropped off at the school gate.

The school day finishes at 2pm for Nursery children and at 3pm for KG and Reception. Prompt pickup is vital in order to avoid undue stress and tiredness for the children.
Children that attend ECA should be picked up from the building at 4pm.

In Upper Primary and Secondary
In the rest of the school , the formal day ends at 3:00 pm and after that time ECAs begin. ECAs finish at 4:00 pm and supervision ends at 4:15 pm , by which time all students should be off the site unless taking part in AFA programmes. In the event of an emergency or parents being unable to collect children by 4:15 pm, please call the school and special temporary arrangements could be made.

School buses


Morning : All the buses will arrive at school not later than 07:30 am. In the event of delay, the bus monitor will inform the school office who will pass the message to the academic staff.
Afternoon: 3 Departure times 3:00 ,4:00 and 5:45 pm.
3 pm. All the buses will leave school not later than 3.10 pm. for this drop off time.
4 pm.-ECA student- All the buses will leave school not later than 4:10 pm. for this drop off time.
5:45 pm.- For AFA participants only, on Mon & Wed – Primary / Tue & Thu – Secondary

Driver Training
All drivers are trained , qualified and meet formally each month to discuss any matters arising

Bus Monitor Training
All the bus monitors have trained about their duties on the school bus and regularly meet .

School bus service check for safety
School buses receive regular maintenance and safety checks at an authorised Toyota service garage. All buses have seat belts for every passenger.

For more information please call 02 373 4400 ext 109 and ask for School Bus Coordinator

Health and Safety

Emergency Procedures
Ascot students and teachers practise Fire Drills each term in preparation for a fire. Rigid procedures are in place and all staff are aware of what to do in the event of a fire. Should parents be in the school during a fire, please stay calm and follow the advice and direction of Ascot Staff.

Regular medication at school
The school Nurse is the only person permitted to administer medication to any student. If a child has prescribed medicine, it should be put it in a sealed bag which is clearly labelled with the child’s name, class and dosage requirements. Depending on the age of the child, either a parent or the child him/herself child should then give it directly to the Nurse – no medicines should be given to teachers / TAs.

Please note, if a child requires medication for treating a communicable disease it will be best for them to stay at home. This will reduce the risk of infecting others and often medication may cause drowsiness or other side effects that affect concentration and performance in school.

To contact the School Nurse, please call 02 373 4400 ext 118 or email: nurse@ascot.ac.th
A Doctor’s certificate must be provided for any medication to be administered at school. If a student does not have written authorisation, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child.

Serious accidents in school
If a pupil needs to go to the hospital, parents will be notified immediately by phone and asked to meet at the hospital. Ascot International School’s closest hospitals are Karunvej Hospital, Seriruk Hospital or Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital. It remains the parents’ responsibility if they would like their child to attend a different hospital. The School Nurse will assess the injury and advise which hospital would be most convenient due to the injury. The School Nurse will administer temporary treatment prior to departure, for example; stopping bleeding, CPR etc. if this is absolutely necessary. An Ascot staff member will accompany the child to the hospital, usually the School Nurse. In the case of an accident at school, the relevant accident forms are always completed and the original copy is given to parents. This also applies in the event of a minor accident. Of course this procedure works best if parents have provided all the relevant medical information about their child with emergency contact details.
Please make sure that the Front Office always has updated mobile phones numbers to ensure parents are contactable in the event of an emergency!

Student absences due to illness

If a child is unable to attend school due to illness, parents should please contact the Front Office, telephone – 02 373 4400 ext. 117 who will then inform the child’s teacher. When the child returns to school, parents provide a note explaining the reason for and dates of absence. Please note days absent are calculated each term and feature on each student’s report.

Ascot School Uniform

The uniform shop is open during the school day and during school holidays when the school office is open.

Lunch and snacks

Since August 2015, Epicure Co., Ltd. has been providing delicious, nutritious and hygienic food for Ascot International School. Epicure is an experienced catering company, providing thousands of meals per day to International Schools in Thailand. The catering staff are trained in all aspects of food handling and preparation to ensure that all children have sufficient energy for their busy day in school. 

The balanced and healthy menu includes Thai and international dishes with a vegetarian option is available daily. A salad bar, fresh fruit and a noodle soup option are included in the lunch choices. Should your child have any specific dietary requirements, please include these on the Ascot Enrolment Form and inform the Front Office. Filtered water, chilled and at room temperature is available for students throughout the day, and students are encouraged to drink regularly to keep hydrated in Bangkok’s hot and humid climate. Three meals are provided each day for Lower Primary children; morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Upper Primary and Secondary students have a mid morning snack and lunch.