26 August 2019

Dear Ascot Family,

Welcome back to a new school year at Ascot. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side on the first day of school and we were unable to have a whole school flag ceremony due to the rain but all the teachers were out of their classrooms welcoming old and new students and their families. 

As usual, the maintenance team and construction company have been busy working on upgrades and improvements. The car park and the walkway have received much-needed attention and the addition of flower and herb beds have made the area very attractive. The basketball court has been transformed into a multipurpose performance and sports space. The lights, retractable glass windows and air conditioners will be far more comfortable during performances and presentations. The PY library commons and SY library have also been given a face lift, although they are not quite ready, and will make for a relaxing and enjoyable space for research and reading.

For many years now we have been improving the transition between stages of the school and to this end, the EY and PY will be referred to as the Primary school with Nursery to Year 1 known as Lower Primary (LP) and Year 2 to Year 6 as the Upper Primary(UP). Signs will be adjusted accordingly.

As we prepared for the summer holiday, parents expressed their enthusiasm for designing the new school uniform. Once this has been finalised, it will be phased in during this academic year. As part of this process, we will allow secondary students to wear sports shoes as long as they are black, white or black and white.

We have an impressive team of new teachers to add to our existing educational experts. During the week before school opened, all academic staff were onsite to prepare classrooms and take part in workshops and meetings to extend their skills. One area of focus this year is well-being and socio-emotional learning, this is important for students, who are all unique and have their own needs and requirements; as teachers, we need to recognize these and offer an individual approach in order to help students be successful.


Last year the Mission Statement received some changes and the new Vision was updated:

Mission Statement

At Ascot, students develop according to their needs in a welcoming, family environment. The challenging curriculum enables our students to become adaptable lifelong learners. Our intercultural ethos strives to promote a strong sense of respect for all.


We aim to be a learning community focussed on well-being and balanced lifestyles. An Ascot graduate is resilient, principled, cares for the environment and others. 

As I write this, students are all in their classrooms, getting to know their new timetables, teachers and friends. The whole team at Ascot welcomes you back and we know that it will be a great year.


Yours sincerely,

Gary Booth