Teaching at Ascot

Teaching at Ascot International School

Mission Statement: At Ascot students develop according to their needs in an attractive, family environment. The challenging curriculum enables our students to become adaptable lifelong learners in an increasingly changing world. Our intercultural ethos promotes respect for all within the community.

The school was established almost 25 years ago and has enjoyed steady growth each year. We are very proud of the fact that students join us in the Early Years and Primary School and stay with us until they are ready to go to University.

We believe that we achieve this by:

  • Providing a modern, well maintained campus in a natural setting
  • Welcoming students from the local and international community
  • Fostering effective communication between parents, staff and students
  • Encouraging students to interact positively in the community, with confidence, respect and cultural awareness
  • Employing qualified, enthusiastic teachers who plan for and support students in achieving their goals
  • Adapting the National Curriculum of England and Wales appropriately to meet the needs of all students in a SE Asian setting
  • Planning international and cultural experiences, embracing diversity in beliefs and traditions
  • Planning community projects, theme days, after-school activities and trips
  • Implementing standardised testing, teacher based assessment and student self assessment practices
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of each student and encouraging creativity
  • Preparing students for the way of the future with classrooms that support web-based learning and interactive technological resources

In August 2016 we launched the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), a goal we have worked towards through staff training and the building of new facilities. The learner profile is an excellent foundation for all sections of the school and we are currently looking at ways to embed it in all our practices throughout the school. In addition to the changes in the Secondary School, we are updating and improving our facilities and programmes in the Early Years and Primary sections of the school. We were recently became an IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) authorised school as well.

Outside of school, life in Thailand is very enjoyable and our teachers enjoy an excellent standard of living in a very popular tourist destination. From the city life of Bangkok to the pristine beaches and mountain jungles, there is plenty to do during holidays and at the weekends. The school is situated 25 kms from the centre of Bangkok in the NE suburbs of the city; some teachers commute daily from school to home in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. We are close to the Bangkok ring road and Suvarnabhumi airport, which makes weekend trips easy and convenient.

If you believe that you could contribute to life at Ascot, please apply for one of the positions that have become available.