Ascot International School

Why Choose Ascot

A World Class Education in a Nurturing Environment

An international school education is a considerable investment for a family and care must be taken when choosing a suitable school. Ascot International School is an excellent choice because it provides a world class, CIS accredited IB education for students from 3 – 18 years old. The school culture is nurturing and inclusive; the low teacher to student ratios mean that each student can have individual attention from academic staff during learning activities. Transitions from different stages of the school is smooth and well planned due to the fact that all school sections are on one site. The school culture is warm, friendly and welcoming; students enjoy coming to school and many of them run through the gates with broad smiles on their faces.

Teachers at Ascot International School are all qualified teachers with experience in a range of countries and curricula. They are required to undergo a rigorous application procedure and provide Police checks, references from previous schools and multiple interviews with the school’s senior leadership team. This ensures quality and maintains the school’s standards and ethos.

For these reasons and many more, an Ascot education offers the best return on a family’s investment.

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